Two choreographers

There are many possible ways to refine performing art, but we truly believe in the need to transcend the world with the body to initiate new forms of dialogues: The language of the body remains the oldest and most universal form of all living art.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault

The artistic collaboration between Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault works as a dual creative process combining the best of their talents.

Their choreographic work triggers imagination, unconscious and the relationship of man to his body. In relation to theatre of the body, Sade, theatre of madmen is their most iconic work. Their challenge is to express the body as a story, by multiplying the prisms of its evocation: art of movement, visual art, music, lighting... Man comprehends the outside world with his body, a place where relationships build themselves upon attitudes, actions, and movements.

Man a mimicking animal: The body is where Human experience manifests itself, a place of tokens carried by intention, meaning and unconsciousness. The body is thus based on experience and codes of man, with a constant shift between fantasy and reality. The ability of the body to express and transmit itself can only be addressed with reference to ideology, values ​​and norms that culture and society have defined. In their work, the performer becomes expression of myth, an instrument of ritual, and witness to the origin of man. A key is how the link to history transforms into allegory. They are inspired by stories, sometimes personal and intimate, Remember..., sometimes specific to a place, Human Conditions and the disaster of Courrières mines, or also specific to time and space as with the Marquis Sade in the century of Enlightenment.

Integrated forms: All forms of art are an endless source of inspiration and echo one another e.g. dance, literature, music, drama, mime, circus, video, martial arts, painting... It gives birth to a new space of dialogue: Sakountala and circus artists, Marco Polo and use of projected animations, Temptation of Eve with the manipulation of puppets, Ivresse showcasing Gypsy music.


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