10 dancers


Choreography and staging
Marie-Claude Pietragalla
and Julien Derouault

Patrick Murru

Éric Valentin


Human Conditions

New work for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, in the framework of the commemoration of the centenary of the catastrophe of Courrières.

Human Conditions / Marie-Claude Pietragalla - photo Pascal Elliott
Human Conditions / Sébastien Perrault  - photo Pascal Elliott
Human Conditions / Nam Kiung Kim  - photo Pascal Elliott
Human Conditions / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
Human Conditions / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
Human Conditions - photo Pascal Elliott

Human conditions is an allegory of the human condition, of alienated man in the oppressive factory environment, where body is machine.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault

A world threatened by the anxiety of production, where every day is enriched by playful and sensual scenes. This choreographic work exposes multiple tribal dances with innovative mixed techniques ( classical, contemporary and urban dance).

This show is a meeting between history and human memory ... The miners and their families we visited during our research still hold deep inside the stigma of this time. The human condition and social development of minors was the opportunity to prepare a work on body memory , and understanding their strong community and various life paths.

Our work reveals the ambivalence of pride and deep humiliation, as well as the relationship between men and women. We tell here the perpetuated story as from the memory of women.

Human Conditions pays tribute to these men and women, celebrating with respect their involvement, tracing the outline of memory and questioning the accuracy of with what is left of it.





"The oppressive mining world, where the body as a machine becomes an allegory. A new tribal work, where conventional technique is associated with contemporary gesture. A crying out to the body."

Le Figaro

"Overwhelming tribute. A humanitarian , physical and mental dance that commemorates the miners left in oblivion. "

La Voix du Nord

"From a beautiful pliable imagination, the choreography glorifies the miners' bodies and the gathered warmth of humanity, in the heroism as well as in the mischief and tenderness. In adversity as well as in the celebration. A beautiful dance moment glorifying the mine."

Nord Eclair

"Striking Pietragalla We catch ourselves, we get lost in the body flood, intertwined in the same breath. Human conditions is a dazzling virtuosity and imagination."

Nord Eclair


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