Season 2019/2020

Marie-Claude Pietragalla will be performing in Paris at the Théâtre de la Madeleine from November 12 to December 31 2020.


Locations Théâtre de la Madeleine

Pietra is celebrating this year, her 40th anniversary on stage with a new show the Dancing Women. She has written intimate and personal texts that reveal the secrets of a unique artist, the journey of an Etoile. She defines herself as a dancing animal and sees dance as a daily thought, a necessity of every moment. She takes us to the tumultuous heart of the characters she embodied, we meet the "sacred monsters" that she has loved, and discover the mysteries of the body in movement.

Staging Julien Derouault - Choreography and text Marie-Claude Pietragalla


Touring in France, Belgium and Switzerland

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In the Solitude of Cottons Fields



From the work of playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès - Creation OFF Avignon Festival 2020

Theater and Dance

« This is about a text fight, a verbal fight that we could compare to a street fight … » Bernard-Marie Koltès

This major contemporary theater play stages a dealer and a client: two-night owls, two injured beings, two solitudes…


Staging and choreography Marie-Claude Pietragalla et Julien Derouault





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From the work of Alfred de Musset

Theater and Dance - Over 70 000 spectators!

Our senses were awakened by the rich and poetic text of this romantic drama, anchored in this teeming period of the RenaissanceTheaterdance3D and electro music mingle and blend into an intense work that transcends living art.

Staging and choreography Marie-Claude Pietragalla and  Julien Derouault



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