Marco Polo had its world première at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

17 dancers et 3 singers

Pierre Cardin

Under the High Patronage of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic

Choreography and staging
Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault

Patrick Murru

Éric Valentin


Marco Polo

A dazzling show combining animation, singing, hip-hop with classical and modern ballet, orchestrated by a choreography where the precision of gestures rivals the incessant energy of the body.

Marco Polo / Marie-Claude Pietragalla - photo Pascal Elliott
Marco Polo / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
Marco Polo - photo Pascal Elliott
Marco Polo / Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
Marco Polo - photo Pascal Elliott
Marco Polo / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott

Through his journey, guided by a white lady (Marie-Claude of Pietragalla), accompanied by 16 virtuosos of contemporary dance, hip hop and martial arts, Marco Polo (Julien Derouault) travels the world and cultures in search of his own identity.

The fabulous manga of Pietragalla showcases animation for the first time as a true virtual set, and was born from the idea of associating and mixing as an indelible mark of our time the the richness of art and movement: classical technique, contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, martial Arts.


This project follows our choreographic desire and research to create a major work reconnecting with the classical tradition in its conception: - write a story for the ballet - create an original music - a timeless theme - a fantastic and supernatural tale... while using the techniques and new tools of expression of now.
After leaving the last century and for a while sensing the end of history, modern society appears to have plundered and lost everything. A painful and disturbing paradox, where only experience seems to revive the memory ... The main character also has his own means of creation and destruction... What journey will he choose to take?
Combining dance, music, singing and animation through an ambitious artistic production, this great ballet offers the audience an inner journey: the one of imagination...

Marie-Claude Pietragalla et Julien Derouault






"Julien Derouault, performer of Marco Polo trumped all languages ​​of dance. His movements have an elegance which thrills; a beauty which gradually transforms from exhaustion to a fascinating animosity."

Le Figaro

"This manga is at the intersection of multiple trends, hip hop, martial arts, world music. The added value lies in the scent of spirituality and brinkmanship. Dance as a mystic ritual"

Le Monde

"sprawling machines taking hold of men and turning them into robots, resulting in images of great beauty to exciting electronic dance music. "

Le Parisien

"Julien Derouault jumps like a demon, with an incredible virtuosity, the whole body engaged in a vital struggle against gravity ... since the legendary Noureev, one has rarely seen such an ability to combine strength and lightness "



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