La Femme Qui Danse


New work

September 2019

One-woman show

with Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Staging Julien Derouault

Choreography and unpublished text
Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Musical work
Wilfried Wendling, La Muse en Circuit
Louis Huguenin

Tchaikovsky - Stravinsky - Olafur Arnalds - Portishead - Chopin - Birdy Nam Nam - Adolphe Adam - Massenet - Bizet

Lighting Alexis David


Running time 1:15


A co-production with

La Muse en Circuit, Centre National de Création Musicale

Espace Carpeaux | Courbevoie

Théâtre des 2 Rives de Charenton-le-Pont


Pietragalla, the Dancing Woman

« The dancing women... I’ve seen her working in the studio every day, hanging at the barre, stretching her body and making it the instrument of both our imagination and choreographic works.

Pietragalla Photo Pascal Elliott
 Pietragalla Photo Pascal Elliott
 Pietragalla Photo Pascal Elliott
 Pietragalla Photo Pascal Elliott
 Pietragalla Photo Pascal Elliott
 Pietragalla Photo Pascal Elliott

Marie-Claude Pietragalla showcases an unpreceded introspective work by disclosing the unspeakable of her profession and her Art. She is guide and witness, muse and creator, actress and dancer. She shares her encounters and moment of dance by diving into her psychic and organic memory.

For Pietra, orality in the choreographic art is essential. Here, she blends her legacy and the memory of her body. She is the author of an unpublished text, pure expression of her own thoughts, feelings, experience and sources of inspiration. Defining herself as a dancing woman, in confidence, Pietra opens herself up to deliver what constitutes a path of life. »

Julien Derouault


« The Dancing Woman was imagined as a visual and sensorial experience which transports the audience into intimate thoughts of the artist and her journey. The omnipresence of the breath creates an intimacy which demands extreme attention. The spectator breathes to the rhythm of the artist as a form of punctuation.

The original text of this show, in resonance with the body in movement, unveils in confidence, a relationship with the intimate: the physical and emotional sensations, that being on stage brings. In this creative process, I wanted to blend oral testimony and memory of the body.

What to do with an artistic legacy, the knowledge of a perpetually shifting dance? How to infuse and to explain dance to the younger generation as the Art of the moment, of the sensitive and the ephemeral? Oral transmission is essential in the choreographic art, you have to fashion your dance with words, bring a meaning and an excellence to the gesture, whether it is stealthy, vibrant, erratic, violent, fluid, repetitive or spectacular.

I lived 40 years on stage, delivering day after day my work as an artisan, bending my body with discipline, personifying romantic characters, creating combinations of new movements inspired by my own imagination, maintaining fiercely sincerity and honesty in my work.

This Dancing Woman was shaped by all verbally inexpressible emotions, the feelings of happiness in the moments of a suspended motion, by the humility in receiving applause from the audience, settling into new, past and future stages.

Yes, I am a miming and dancing animal, an incarnated and disembodied being who evolves accordingly to an interior rhythm, a musical breath, an enlightened conscience.

Dance is to me a daily thought, a gentle addiction, a necessity of every moment. »

Marie-Claude Pietragalla


La Muse en Circuit

La Muse en circuit - Wilfried Wendlin -  Photo Pascal Elliott


The Muse en Circuit, National Centre of Musical Creation, has for three decades been developing many new multidisciplinary approaches.

Director and composers Wilfried Wendling looks at this collaboration with the Theatre du Corps as a new polymorphic object, a promise for a new kind of aesthetic opening.

There are multiple dualities between music and new technologies, music and dance, but the project transfers this multiplicity and creates an opportunity for the performer to become the instruments of his own music.

La Muse en circuit


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