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In 2005, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, principal dancer, Etoile of the Paris Opera, ex-General Director of the Ballet National de Marseille, and Julien Derouault, ex-soloist of the Ballet National de Marseille, went into partnership to create an independent dance company in Île-de-France, the Compagnie Pietragalla-Derouault, in order to create, show, and produce their work named Théâtre du Corps (Theatre of the body).

To dance is to question yourself, it’s to explore the deepest part of your being…

Marie-Claude Pietragalla

The collaboration between Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault is based on constant synergy, not only between themselves but also with the performers of their works. Their choreography presents a dual vision of the world: real and fantasy, masculine and feminine, abrupt and lyrical, free and structured, funny and dramatic. It questions humanity and its relationship to the imaginary and unconscious through the body. Their artistic desire is to reveal the body by multiplying the facets of its representation. Théâtre du Corps mixes languages: all forms of art dance, literature, music, theatre, mime, circus, video, martial arts, and painting are sources of inspiration that feed into each other and open up a new work space. Dance is, in essence, a multidimensional art, so in their choreographies the body creates volumes, shaping energy to release yet more, a projection, and a sensation. Here, dance is seen as something beyond an intellectual and analytical study; it becomes the art of feeling.

Dance relates to our origins: movement, humanity’s first mode of expression, before that of language, is the dialogue that brings us face to face with our own primitive urges.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla et Julien Derouault

Humanity remains at the centre of their inspiration and research, through history, collective memory, and in relation to intimacy. Their work questions want we are made of and what defines us as human beings. Our body is a conveyor of the unconscious, of dreams, and imagination. Their choreographic art becomes the medium for the freeing of the unconscious and that enables this primitive link to be re-established.


Théâtre du Corps in motion


Direction Rémy Disch for Bonne Pioche Télévision
For more than a year, the camera of director Rémy Dish follows Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault, to present a documentery about their new production: Mr & Mrs Dream. Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault revisit the making of their past and present choreographic works.

10 years of creation within their independent company and more than 10 new works to discover.


The Théâtre du Corps Pietragalla-Derouault is funded with the support of the DRAC île-de-France, the île-de-France region and the city of Alfortville

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