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World première Avignon 2014

Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault

Louis Aragon and William Shakespeare

Poetry and dance
Julien Derouault

Piano and music
Yannaël Quenel

Theatre trainer
Cendrine Orcier

Running time 1:20

To be or to appear

Julien Derouault, an actor / dancer, crowns himself as King of one night, King of the night, and King of his life. He uses poetry and performance as a liberation of the senses. Everything becomes possible, including hope and laughter.

 m. et mme Reve Photo Pascal Elliott
To be or to appear / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
To be or to appear / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
To be or to appear / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
To be or to appear / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott
To be or to appear / Julien Derouault - photo Pascal Elliott

Is there one more night left in this world?

Louis Aragon

Withheld by a rope, escaping from nowhere, a man decides to go and explore himself. He summons the poets, and asks their advice about which path to take.

As an initiation, his words inspire his dancing, and his body takes full possession of the stage, like a new costume designed for this world.

Louis Aragon poetry (La nuit des jeunes gens) and Shakespeare text (Richard II), blends the journey of this lone man, of the artist and his self-doubt. He moves forward, hesitates, explodes and constantly tries to unravel the mysteries behind the inspiration of the poetic act.

It is a battle between the body and the score: the dazzling choreography echoes the stylish interplay of the piano. Pianist Yannaël Quenel resonates far beyond the expectations of the poet, vibrating with the dancer and enhancing the poet's imagination.

Time is burning

Louis Aragon
It is his life that unveils, step by step, releasing fear, joy,madnesspassion and finally a denouement..."What remains for others but this huge epitaph tomorrow?"Aragon.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla purposefully, created a stripped and sober staging, so as to bare the soul of the artists and the timeless strength of these exceptional authors. Poetry is lived and transmuted by gesture, here the theatre of the body makes perfect sense.





Off Festival Avignon 2014



"It is an explosion, a tsunami, an erupting volcano and a molten nuclear core... As a new challenge, Julien Derouault found nothing better than to mix poetry with dance, trying to translate with his body the harmony of Shakespeare and Aragon texts. During an hour and a quarter, this crazy Devil declaims, twirls, flies, panics, gets passionate, to give himself fully."

Classica 2014

"We knew him as a dancer, he is also an actor with a fascinating presence, a taste of a personal confession, he shatters and tears apart before our eyes, through these two arts, but it is to better rebuild himself, liquefied for deploying such an energy! A great moment, not to be missed! "

Citylocalnews 2014

"A perfect agreement between prose and dance, the same fluidity of movement in a combination of strength and grace similar to words resonating in a subtle secret. Julien Derouault, both dancer and comedian, radiates and flirts with the sublime in a danced poetry. Both revolted and crazy, at the same time, he seems to go into a trance, and delivers an inspired performance where expression is king."

Théâtrorama 2014


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