New work

Staging and choreography

Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault

Musical collaboration and coproduction La Muse en Circuit, Centre National de Création Musicale

Musical composition Wilfried Wendling and Sébastien Béranger



Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Julien Derouault

Fanny Gombert

Benjamin Bac

Maria Mc Clurg

Blandine Laignel


Running time 1:20




« Vivant » is a hybrid show at the crossroads of the arts: dance, music and digital art interact in real time and mix to create a new theatrical and choreographic experience.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault


The man standing is like a link between Heaven and Earth, the absurd and a state of grace, violent and sacred. He is a being of light absorbed by a horde of chaos. « Some light is painful, blind us and plunges us into darkness. In this way the life cycle is reborn. »

Those characters made out of light and darkness, genius and ingenuous, men of heart and spirit, beings of revolution and peace, create a constantly reshaping matrix designed to contain the entire world.


This is an experimental work where music is specially designed to interact with image and movement. The dancers bodies transform into a poetic language, making it the perfect instrument to celebrate life.

To transmit this energy, we have chosen performers like night watchers or SURvivors, who will live the pulse of life and will allow themselves to be penetrated, hypnotized and sometimes mistreated by a larger force...

« These same beings expanding slowly outward, inward, will allow us to experience our humanity through our own senses. »

On stage, the dancers / artists will explore new soundscapes with real-time live musical and choreographic compositions using sensors and motion recognition technology.



La Muse en circuit

The Muse en Circuit, National Centre of Musical Creation, has for three decades been developing many new multidisciplinary approaches.

Composers Wilfried Wendling and Sébastien Béranger look at this collaboration with the Theatre du Corps as a new polymorphic object, a promise for a new kind of aesthetic opening.

There are multiple dualities between music and new technologies, music and dance, but the project « Vivant » transfers this multiplicity and creates an opportunity for the dancers to become the instruments of their own music.
The musicians propose new modalities for generation of sound relying on mainstream technologies and recycling industrial objects. Here, the dancers themselves trigger events, impose the rhythms of their body and their choreography, create formal developments and temporality of the musical score.

Dancers are transformed into instruments using sensors from our daily lives, and rethink their autonomy in the musical.

As in the video game, the composer designs an itinerary that the player / dancer / choreographer makes his own, diverts, increases with his physical input, intensified by his living.

The machinic does not objectfy the living, it considers it as an extension of the real, an increase of the sensitive.

Wilfried Wendling and Sébastien Béranger change the concept of musical composition to create a new environment that becomes one of the dancers using technology.

Wilfried Wendling


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